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be present, in life + online

Websites are a person’s or business’ online calling card. A website represents you or your business to the world 24/7. And shouldn’t your website look professional and stand out from the crowd? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be seen by a director, choreographer or potential customer.

I do my best to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a dancer, choreographer, performance company or dance studio, I’ve streamlined the web design process to help you through the process.

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Straight Up

starting at $625

This level of design consists strictly of creative yet static pages with NO animated text or images. Standard pages included are home or cover page, resume or about page, and portfolio or photo and/or video gallery.

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Steppin' It Up

starting at $1,250

This level of design takes things up a notch with text and image fade-ins throughout the site.

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Full Out

starting at $2,450

This is our highest level of design consisting of text and image fade-ins, plus movement and behavior animations.

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