dancers on the go


Hello! Dance mom here. No, no, no..not the type you see on reality TV! Even though my two daughters dance. I dance (I'm a novice, but I do give it my all!), and I spend hours at our dance studio or camped at performances and conventions. I've seen issues dancers face when trying to get through their next few hours or day(s) of dancing. The search for bobby pins or safety pins. The forgotten hairspray or misplaced dance shoe. Or the realization that they forgot to remove their nail polish! This planted the seed for kylia + ballu. What if I could give dancers and other performers the assurance that they’ll have the tools needed to be ready for their next event?

So along came our performance kits, which contain professional-grade makeup (all cruelty, paraben, and gluten-free!) with eco-friendly tools and accessories. Then our handmade designer shoe bags to store your most important accessory as a dancer, keeping them dry, protected and TOGETHER. We also have eco-friendly lunch bags if you’re keen on packing your own meals and snacks. And how about kicking your stroll up a notch with our custom-designed sneakers!

Being a multimedia designer by trade, I also provide web design and video editing services to set you up with a professional website or dance reel that will be your online calling card to tell everyone, "Hey! Here I am! I'm perfect for your next production!" Check out our pre-made web designs to get you up and running in less than a week or contact me for your own unique design.

Sincerely, Toni Hydock
Founder + motivated dance mom